Profit and Loss (PnL) is a way for traders to see whether they are making money or not from their investments and trading activity.
You can simply access your PnL analysis by tapping on the PnL icon at the top right corner where you will first notice “Today’s PnL”.

You can analyze your PnL using our PnL analysis feature available on BitOasis Pro. Currently, you can monitor your PnL at a daily level as well as at a cumulative one.

Daily PnL shows the performance of your Pro portfolio on a daily basis by comparing the total balance of your wallet assets now to the balance at the end of the previous day (12:00 AM UTC).
This helps you understand how your portfolio value is moving, why it’s going up or down, and what happened to your profit or loss when you closed your positions for the day.

Today’s PnL is calculated the same as Daily PnL but takes your current live portfolio value instead of taking the end of day value.

Cumulative PnL shows your wallet’s overall performance over a period of time, taking into account all your buy and sell actions. It is the sum of your daily PnLs.

You can check the Daily & Cumulative PNL as it shows below:

Realized PnL is the profit or loss gained from any buy or sell action you made in a given day.

Unrealized PnL is the difference between the current value of your assets and the average cost of your wallet.

Important Note: PnL only takes into account the activities made on BitOasis Pro. Lite trades and crypto deposits that did not interact with Pro are excluded.