BitOasis collaborates with a variety of liquidity providers to ensure our clientele enjoys a secure, competitively priced, and stable trading environment. As a brokerage, BitOasis facilitates the transmission of our customers' buy or sell orders directly to our trusted liquidity partners for execution.

Our liquidity partners are active on global exchanges and/or provide liquidity at a global scale. Consequently, BitOasis does not determine the prices of virtual assets listed on its platforms. Acting as an intermediary, BitOasis forwards buy or sell orders it receives to its liquidity provider partners for execution.

Since BitOasis does not engage in the matching of buyers and sellers through a proprietary matching engine, it does not maintain its own order book. However, to enrich the trading experience and equip customers with the necessary information to make informed decisions, our Pro platform offers visibility into our partners' order books.

Furthermore, it is imperative to note that BitOasis abstains from conducting proprietary trading on its own behalf and refrains from trading against customer positions.