Bolt is our fastest deposit option yet! With bolt you can fund your BitOasis account, without the restrictions of traditional payments methods.

When Bolt is green you can deposit up to 25,000 AED, and you can also always deposit via Easy funding where normal processing times apply.

Bolt option may be disabled at certain times due to financial, operational or regional limitations. However, rest assured we are working hard to enable Bolt for everyone.

Bolt option is currently available for UAE users only.

How can I deposit using Bolt ?

You can make a deposit order using Bolt by following the steps listed in the below video: 

  • From your account select wallet from the bottom of the page then select deposit.
  • A page will open to link your bank account for a quick deposit
  • Choose which account to deposit with.
  • Click on set up payments then a page with permissions appears.
  • Sign in with your email and password to link your bank account.
  • Select Easy funding deposit method then choose with Bolt 
  • Enter the deposit amount and confirm the payment details.

Bolt Fees

Bolt is a new technology that makes your Easy funding deposits are credited as soon as the payment is received into BitOasis bank account by allowing you to buy crypto in no time with minor applicable fees.

Deposit Amount 
Applied Fees
Deposit amount <10.000 AED
Deposit amount >10.000 AED

If you require any further assistance, please click here to contact our support team.