By fully joining BitOasis, you will gain access to our services – the Lite, Pro trading service as well as the BTC Multi-signature wallet for long term storage.


When you sign up to BitOasis, you will gain access to the BTC Multi-signature wallet , which allows you to store, send and receive ONLY Bitcoin securely.


When you verify your account, you will gain access to BitOasis Lite, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly, easily. Hassle free.


You will also have access to BitOasis Pro. Through it, you will be able to initiate advanced trading orders, use charting tools as well as gain access to our liquid order books. 

- You can either place a “Market” order that allows you to buy and sell at the market price that is available that moment or you can place a “Limit” order which gives you the flexibility to exactly state at what price you want your cryptocurrencies to be bought/sold at.