Please follow the instructions below to start a successful cryptocurrency withdrawal to an external wallet: 

Step 1: Go to your ‘Wallets’ page on your BitOasis dashboard. Click on the ‘Send’ button in your account for the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

Step 2: Choose "External address" as your withdrawal recipient.

Step 3: Enter the cryptocurrency address you wish to send your fund to in the ‘Recipient Address’ field and choose the amount you wish to send then click on the ‘Send’ button.

Please note the following to ensure a successful withdrawal process

  • The withdrawal fees and the minimum withdrawal amount must be taken into consideration before initiating any cryptocurrency withdrawal. 
  • Your cryptocurrency balance must have a minimum cumulative total of the minimum withdrawal amount and the withdrawal fees for the transaction to be successful. 
  • You can find the send fees structure by clicking here

Step 5: A summary page of your order will appear. To proceed, please confirm your order by clicking on the ‘Go to Withdraw History’ button.

Keep in mind:

  • BTC withdrawals are irreversible by nature as this is the way the blockchain is designed. Please double-check the receiving address before initiating any transfer.
  • For XRP withdrawals to an external wallet, you will need to provide the address (adding the TAG will be optional). However, make sure to tick the box “No Ripple Wallet Tag”. 
  • You can use the TRC20 network to deposit &withdraw USDT on TRX.
  • Once the withdrawal was completed from our side, you need to contact the receiving party for further assistance. 

If you require any further clarification or assistance, please contact our customer support team by clicking here.