To deposit cryptocurrencies from an external wallet, you’ll find your cryptocurrency receiving addresses by going to ‘Accounts on your dashboard on the top right of the dashboard. It is important to note the following when you are depositing cryptocurrencies:

  • Cryptocurrencies transferred to the wrong address/ network, will result into a lost transaction. If this happens, please contact our support team to check if there is a possibility of recovery.
  • Each cryptocurrency has its unique address. The below information is necessary to identify your payment, please do not initiate a deposit without the following information;
  • BTC: when depositing BTC, you’ll need to make sure you are transferring to a BTC address.
  • XRP: Depositing XRP requires adding a unique tag and XRP address.
  • XLM: Depositing XLM requires adding a unique memo and XLM address.
  • EOS: Depositing EOS required adding a unique memo and EOS address. 


  • ETH: kindly make sure to the set gas limit to at least 37,000 when sending ETH. The deposit will not be processed otherwise.
  • We do not support any cryptocurrencies that are not listed on the “Wallets” page. Scroll down for the full list. If you are unsure of how to access them, please get in touch with our support team by clicking here
  • Please note that we do not support the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • You can use TRC20 network as it's available to deposit &withdraw USDT on TRX .

Number of required confirmations to process each cryptocurrency withdrawal:

The minimum number of confirmations required for each cryptocurrency trade are:

  • BTC: 7 confirmations
  • ETH: 100 confirmations
  • XRP: 1 confirmation
  • LTC: 6 confirmations
  • XLM: 1 confirmation
  • EOS: 1 confirmation
  • ALGO: 30 confirmations
  • ZRX: 20 confirmations
  • OMG: 20 confirmations
  • BAT: 20 confirmations

Supported cryptocurrencies:

You can keep yourself up-to-date in regards to the supported cryptocurrencies by regularly checking the homepage on your account or by clicking here.

If you require any further clarification or assistance please contact our customer service team by clicking here.