To deposit cryptocurrencies from an external wallet, you’ll find your cryptocurrency receiving addresses by going to ‘Accounts on your dashboard on the top right of the dashboard. It is important to note the following when you are depositing cryptocurrencies:


1-    Cryptocurrencies transferred to the wrong address or ETH deposited from smart contract with only an equivalent amount of 10k USD or higher, will be recovered. $100 recovery fee is applied for any recovery; the equivalent amount will be deducted from the recovered amount. 


2-   Each cryptocurrency has its unique address. The below information is necessary to identify your payment, please do not do deposit without this information;

BTC: when depositing BTC, you’ll need to make sure you are transferring to a BTC address.

XRP: Depositing XRP requires adding a unique tag and XRP address.

XLM: Depositing XLM requires adding a unique memo and XLM address.
EOS: Depositing EOS required adding a unique memo and EOS address. 



3-    ETH: Please make sure to the set gas limit to at least 37,000 when sending ETH. The deposit will not be processed otherwise.


4-    We do not support any cryptocurrencies that are not listed on the “Accounts” page. If you are unsure if you can deposit a certain cryptocurrency, please get in touch with our support team.


5-    Please note that we do not support Binance Smart Chain network.