On BitOasis Pro, you will be able to initiate advanced trading orders including Market orders, Limit orders, and Stop limit orders, use charting tools as well as gain access to our liquid order books.

1. A “Market” order that allows you to buy and sell at the market price that is available at the moment of placing your order.

2. A “Limit” order which gives you the flexibility to state exactly at what price you want your order to be executed.

  • In order to successfully place a buy limit order, please ensure your limit price is lower than the current buy price.

  • In order to place a sell limit order, please ensure your limit price is higher than the current selling price.

3. A “StopLimit” order is a combination of a “Stop” order and a “Limit” order. It allows your trade to be executed at a price specified by you. Once the stop price threshold is reached, your stop-limit order will automatically change to a limit order. 

  • Please note that open buy/sell order will be canceled after 90 days if not completed.