There are three methods for depositing AED/SAR to your BitOasis account:


  1. You can deposit via any personal debit/credit card issued in the GCC area or issued in Jordan through the following link:   

  2. If you are based in any of the following counties: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan.
    You can initiate a wire transfer to our bank account in order to top up your BitOasis account. You can view further details through the following link:

  3. If you are in UAE ,You can also enjoy 0% fees through out new deposit method "Easy Funding" by logging into your BitOasis account and clicking on the deposit page. Once you do so, please follow the “Easy Funding” option on the AED deposit page. may take up to 24 hours for the amount to be credited to your BitOasis account. 

    You can Also deposit up to 25,000 instant deposit method using Bolt option where the first deposit with Bolt is zero fees .

    Here is a video explaining how to deposit :

Regarding AED deposits, please note that we support all banks in the UAE except for Arab bank.


  1. Only include AED/SAR deposit transfer reference (any additional information (including but not limited to nicknames, additional references may result in your deposit being delayed and/or rejected).
  2. If AED/SAR transfers are not supported, you can initiate the transfer in EUR (No FX charges will apply in this case) or try initiating the transfer directly from your bank branch. The full AED/SAR amount will be credited to your account minus any transfer fees your bank charges you.
  3. Purpose of Payment/Transfer (POP) code to be used = Computer Services.
  4. BitOasis is not responsible for any fees (FX or otherwise) incurred from failed transactions.