BitOasis Features

  • A Bitcoin (BTC) wallet with multi-signature technology for long-term storage of Bitcoin (BTC).
  • A platform for basic buying/selling of cryptocurrencies (referred to as the “BitOasis Lite”).
  • A platform for trading in cryptocurrencies (referred to as the “BitOasis Pro”).
  • A platform that facilitates sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.
  • A platform that facilitates online and offline storage of clients’ cryptocurrencies. 
  • A platform that facilitates liquidating cryptocurrencies such as Fiat (AED/SAR).

Multi-Signature Wallet

Multi-Signature Bitcoin Wallet uses multi-signature technology to secure customers' Bitcoin. This technology uses more than one private key to transfer or exchange Bitcoin, which increases and enhances the level of security, ultimately making sure that your money is not put at risk if one of your private keys is compromised.

In a multi-signature Bitcoin wallet you can do the following:

  • Use for long-term storage of Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Send Bitcoin (BTC) to external wallets
  • Send (BTC) to your other account balances (BitOasis Lite and BitOasis Pro)
  • Receiving Bitcoin (BTC) from external wallets
  • Receive Bitcoin (BTC) from your BitOasis Lite and BitOasis Pro accounts.

The feature is only available to existing users and not to new users who sign up. 

Supported Countries

We intend to broaden our services to include the entire MENA region. In the meantime, Each country and its supported services are listed in the table below.

If you require any further clarification or information, feel free to contact us here