Please note the following reasons why your deposit might be failing:

- Authorization error which could mean that the card issuer does support the transaction type “quasi cash merchant” which means some card issuers may choose not to allow transactions (as they may be averse to “entertainment” transactions). We would appreciate it if you can try using a different card with a different scheme or issued by a different card issuer.

- Authorization error due to the amount you wish to deposit exceeding your current credit.

As seen below:

Please make sure that the amount you wish to deposit does not exceed your current credit and to also account for the following:

The processing fee that is incurred on us by third parties as seen on the deposit summary page is 3.99% for UAE and 3.675% for KSA only.

  • Your card issuer may charge you for foreign exchange or cash advance transactions.
  • Charges for cash advance transactions may be lower for debit cards than credit cards - please check with your card issuer for details.
  • Payments are only accepted from cards issued in the GCC.
  • Use a card issued under your name. Third-person cards are not allowed.
  • Use a maximum of 3 cards for your payments at BitOasis.