You can only withdraw your AED balance to your personal bank account registered with BitOasis.

The withdrawal feature is available for our users in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain only.

If you are based in Oman, you can only withdraw your AED balance if you provide us with a supported IBAN number.

To initiate an AED withdrawal: 

Step 1: Go to Account -> Proceed by clicking on "Withdraw" as shown below:

Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and then click on the ‘Initiate withdrawal’ button.

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 AED excluding fees .

Note: All AED withdrawals will be processed within our normal timelines of 1-2 days for domestic withdrawals, the AED withdrawal fee per withdrawal order is zero fees for withdrawals inside UAE and 65 AED for  withdrawals outside UAE.