To be able to initiate an AED deposit via your personal debit/credit card issued in the GCC:

Step 1: Please proceed to the "Accounts" page. After that, please click on "Deposit" on the UAE Dirham account.

Step 2Select (Deposit via credit/debit card) Payment Method and enter the required amount you wish to deposit. 
Note: The minimum deposit amount is 100 AED/SAR or 50 USD .

A summary page of the transaction will appear. Please click on the ‘Proceed With Payment’ button to enter your card details.

Step 3: Enter your credit card details then proceed by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ button.

Note: Card deposits are restricted by our acquiring bank daily limits to 5 transactions per user per day, with a maximum deposit value of AED 50,000 per transaction. 

The maximum amount you can deposit depends on your assigned AED weekly limits (i.e. depending on the verification level, documents provided). 

Your card issuer may charge you for foreign exchange or cash advance transactions

Thank you for using BitOasis!